¡Recarga de energía tu piel en sólo tres pasos!

¡Recarga de energía tu piel en sólo tres pasos!

Does your skin need a little more energy after a stressful day? Do you feel like your skin needs some intense repair?

The experts at Atashi® Cellular Cosmetics propose an easy and straightforward routine for facial care that will energise your skin and protect your cellular DNA, recharge your defences at the level of your epidermic stem cells and sooth sensitive skin with biotechnological extracts that offer a little extra comfort to your skin.

The Antioxidant Product Line by Atashi® will protect your skin from free radicals with its formula of totipotent plant stem cells from Burgundy red grape and cranberries.

Are you ready? In just 3 steps!

Step 1.– Start with the Antioxidant Foam. . Get a micro-peeling effect using the silicon brush and glycolic acid. The fruit waters of Burgundy red grape, cranberries and pomegranate will charge your skin with antioxidants to protect you from UV radiation. Apply it at night, using small circular movements on your face and neck and rinse gently with warm water.

Step 2.-  Look after your pores, use the Regenerating Purifying Toner from the Antioxidant Product Line to achieve more even skin. Apply it with cotton, after cleansing, without rubbing the skin too hard. Your skin will be alcohol-free and feel calmer and soothed.

Step 3.- Extra protection and hydration. If your skin feels stressed and fatigued due to pollution, the best thing is to energise it with High Efficiency Regenerating Restorer Serum from the Antioxidant Product Line. It will activate your cellular metabolism, creating a protective daily shield for added anti-pollution defence, thanks to the ginsenosides, inositol and pectin that keep your skin insulated against contaminating elements.

With this simple routine, you can have perfect, revitalised and healthy skin with everything it needs to function optimally and to be protected from the effects of pollution.



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